Sylvia made some wonderful Biscuit and Gravy for breakfast along with everyones favorite, Crispy Bacon. Love it when she does that! Besides making Breakfast, she also threw down the starter, are you ready to get beat in cards. We all gathered around the table and set off to make sure she didn't win, ok I set off to make sure she didn't win. Bruce, started out  as the strong one in the first few rounds, but on the 3rd, he got a 59 point round, that knocked him right to the back of bus. Judy was doing alright up until the 5th and 6th round when she got clobbered with 80 Points. Sylvia was not really getting a lot of points the whole game, but enough to be in contention for the lead. I had built up a nice lead, but as per my usual game play, I lost the game in the last 3 rounds. In the end it was Sylvia that jumped ahead and took the game.